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Revolution in Stachowicz RTW! Faster delivery, new payments, and our first barcode.

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

It's time for a revolution in our brand! Read on to see what's changing and what it means to you!😀

Faster Delivery & Easier Returns

Starting from this month, we are partnering with a company that provides fulfillment services, which means we'll be able to fulfill your orders even faster and deliver products straight to your doorstep in a safe and reliable way. This means that orders placed before 1:00 PM on a weekday will be shipped the same day! The warehouse company will handle the packaging of the products (by the way, in brand-new matte protective bags!), and you'll be able to track your order with a tracking code. Returns will also be streamlined. We can't wait to show you this in action!

EAN Code for Every Product

From now on, every product in our store has its own individual EAN code. It sounds serious and typical of a larger brand, but don't worry - our products will still be sewn in limited series. EAN codes are intended to help us and the warehouse company better organize our work and more effectively manage products. It's a great step forward for our brand, and we're really excited about it!

Klarna Payments: Buy Now, Pay Later!

I think we all know that feeling of falling in love with something and not having enough budget to buy it right away. With limited production, such situations are even more difficult because the product, like a backpack or a fanny pack, may not always come back in stock. That's why we've introduced Klarna payments to our store - with them, you can buy your dream product right away and pay for it in 30 days. Sounds good, right?🙂

What about the other payment options at Stachowicz Store?

Besides Klarna payments, we offer PayPal, Fondy payments, Mastercard and Visa card payments, as well as Gpay!

And here is a little reminder about shipping costs:

Germany & Poland: 7 Euro

Europe: 12 Euro

Please notice that delivery outside the European Union is available only on request.

We also want to remind you to subscribe to our newsletter. We send it only twice a month, and at the start, you get a 15% discount on your purchases in our store!



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