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Our top 6 spring-summer 2023 trends + where do trends come from?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Discover our top 6 favorite trends for spring-summer 2023 and the products that fit them perfectly. Learn also how trends are created!

Where do trends come from?

A trend is an extremely complex and long-lasting social process that is influenced by many different factors. It is a change that affects a certain aspect of life, happens on a large scale, and lasts for a longer period of time. It all starts with the source, the initiator of change - the trendsetter, who starts a chain reaction. The change initiated by the source transforms into directions and further connections (aesthetic pathways) that attempt to interpret or replicate the change's pattern or reflect it in their products or behaviors. If social intelligence picks up on this change/behavior at this point, the network of change connections will begin to grow and gain greater significance. The trend first enters the early adopters - the people who are closest to the source of the change. If it does not pass on to more social groups and start spreading to other consumer groups, it will only be a passing fad (a very common case when it comes to fast fashion). If the opposite happens, it becomes a trend - it lasts longer and penetrates many consumer groups. However, if it penetrates many aspects of life (e.g., technology, economy, and society as a whole), it becomes a megatrend that can last up to 10 years.

The creation of a trend is a long-lasting social process that changes a given aspect of life on a large scale.

Importantly, the trend does not come out of nowhere and does not appear in one moment. It is a response to a social, political, economic, or cultural situation - it results from long-term observation and analysis of many areas of life. To put it in a simple example: when the world situation does not create a sense of security, one of the more popular materials becomes one that is warm and soft, associated with warmth and comfort. Then, for example, velvet fashion accessories and clothes appear. ;)

TOP 6 spring-summer 2023 trends we love

The spring-summer 2023 season brings a lot of trends - some are completely new, some have returned from many years ago, and others we already know from the previous season. We have selected 6 of our favorites that are reflected in our products!


Black color never goes out of style and will always be trendy. A black backpack or bum bag is a classic that will always be in fashion. The black color adds style and elegance to any outfit. Perfect products: backpacks and bum bags from the CLASSIC, HEMATITE, CARBON series.

Pastel colors

This season could not miss pastel colors. They are subtle and delicate, adding lightness to any outfit. A pastel backpack or bum bag is a perfect option for those who want to add some color to their wardrobe. Perfect products are our CORAL bum bags.

Intense pink

Pink in intense variations (especially the viva magenta shade) is one of the hottest trends for spring-summer 2023. A pink backpack or fanny pack is a perfect option for bold individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. The ideal products are fanny packs and backpacks from the MARS collection!

Metallic accents/shine

Metallic accents, especially in the context of fabrics, are another trend that will dominate this season. Backpacks or waist bags with metallic embellishments will add sparkle and style to any outfit. Ideal products include those from the MOON series, as well as other products from the space-themed collection, whose fabrics have a metallic, matte finish.


The silver color will also be very fashionable this season. Backpacks and bum bags in shades of silver are the perfect solutions for people who value originality and want to stand out from the crowd. Ideal products from our offer include fanny packs and backpacks from the Argent and Moon series.

Unique patterns

Unique prints are something that will allow everyone to stand out from the crowd. The more unusual, the better. It's an ideal trend for spring and summer 2023, for those who love to feel unconventional. Our products from the FAUNA family will be excellent here: backpacks and fanny packs in two color versions - blue and red!

Psssst! Our designs are unisex!
Stachowicz Ready To Wear products are designed for everyone, regardless of gender and age. Our brand recognizes diversity and uniqueness in people, which is why we offer collections that can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender identity, or age. We believe that fashion should be free from limitations and should allow everyone to express their individuality and style in an authentic and unrestricted way. Our products are created for all those who value quality, comfort, and original design, no matter who they are and how old they are. We are proud that our fashion is for everyone because everyone deserves exceptional and beautiful clothing.

And coming soon... a new collection!

A new collection of products is coming soon. We promise it will be colorful, expressive, and full of prints that will also be perfect for the spring-summer 2023 season. Sign up for our newsletter now to be the first to learn about our new releases!



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