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Fashionable Urban Roll Top Backpacks

Make a fashion statement with our urban roll top backpacks. Offered in a wide range of colors, designs and materials, our backpacks will complete, and complement your look.


Can I travel with the 20L backpack?

Yes, our 20L backpack can be used while traveling. Most budget airlines will allow anything up to 35L, meaning that you will be well within carry on luggage limits. Additionally, we have designed our backpacks with a strap which allows you to safely attach your backpack to your suitcase's handle for easy and hassle-free movement around the airport.

Will my laptop fit in the roll top backpack?

Yes, both our 20L and 10L backpacks have a dedicated laptop compartment for a 13" or a 14" laptop (interior laptop pocket: 30x28 cm). This means that you can comfortably take your MacBook Air or ultra thin laptop with you while you're on the go.  

Will an A4 folder fit in the 10L backpack?

Yes, an A4 folder will fit comfortably in both the 10L & 20L backpack. This makes the Stachowicz range of roll top backpack perfect for both students and working professionals alike. 

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