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Black Friday: why we don't give discount

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Black Friday is just a few days away. We decided not to participate this year.

We believe that we should make purchasing decisions in a thoughtful manner, not on impulse. This is related to clothes and accessories that only remain in the wardrobe. There is no need to cheat - the fashion industry puts a significant burden on the environment, from the production of materials to the delivery option itself. Doing well-thought-out purchases allows you to choose better something that will suit your customer's real needs. Careful purchases will have a lower carbon footprint when returning or replacing the product. We don't want to drive too much consumerism to buy something. By creating our brand, we want to convince you that it is better to buy one good product instead of a few cheaper ones. Because quality matters - and in recent times even more.

Always great quality

Our products are sewn in small series, with the best materials and attention to every detail - that's why our prices are slightly higher, but the products are definitely worth them. We do not inflate prices specifically to be able to give discounts later (which is also worth paying attention to when shopping during Black Friday). The work we do is always worth the same. <3

Relax - we've got something for you anyway!

For now, the only way to get a discount is to join our newsletter. We want to express our gratitude to become part of our community - such a discount is a gift for you, for the fact that you are sincerely interested in our brand and what we do. And you can use this discount when you feel like it. You can do it on Black Friday, you can do it before Christmas, and you can do it during the summer holidays. Take your time, take it easy. Buy thoughtfulness in the rhythm of slow fashion.

PS For the readers of our newsletters, we are preparing something great for Christmas! Sign up and stay tuned for info!



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