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Best backpacks for school & college

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

How to choose a backpack for school? What backpacks are the most fashionable? Read this article and get your discount code for our backpack collection!

Best school backpack

When choosing a backpack for school or college, you should keep several issues in mind. First of all, the backpack should have comfortable and adjustable, shock-absorbing shoulders. The backpack is best worn a few centimeters below the waist. As for the width of the backpack - it should not exceed shoulder width. Capacity is also important - 20L will be perfect. If you do not need to wear a gym or swimming suit - only school essentials - 10L capacity will be okay. It's fantastic if the backpack is made of a fabric that is resistant to rain (e.g. softshell) or waterproof (PVC or eco-leather).

Best backpacks - practical design is the key

The backpack should have different compartments. A minimum of two external ones will be useful, for things that we want to have at hand, and a few internal ones that will facilitate the segregation of items. Certainly, an A4 sheet of paper should fit in the backpack, and a laptop compartment may be useful during studies. The carabiners on the strap are a clever trick - making it easy to find the keys!

The most fashionable backpacks for school and studies

Among the most fashionable backpacks for school and study, the most popular are those with a minimalist and aesthetic design - more precisely, such as our one-color backpacks made of softshell or metallic ones made of waterproof fabric. One of the trends are also backpacks with colorful, patterned prints and backpacks with shiny fabrics, such as the #siren backpack.

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